Hello Everybody,

I am writing you today to present you with the opportunity for your company to be a sponsor of my next grow book titled: GROWMEDICINE

August will be the last month that advertising space is being offered and if you or your company are interested in supporting this project, please click on the link below for more information.


If you or your company have already sponsored an ad, I want to say thank you very much and apologize for the slight delay.

Unfortunately, I was raided (yet again) by the federal government when they raided Oaksterdam University and it has delayed my book’s production schedule. In February I was informed that I was being charged with cultivation here in Oakland, California, which is ironic when you consider that it is home to Harborside Health Center, easily the largest provider of medical Cannabis in the world. So I guess the message coming out of Oakland, California, is that they will tax and regulate you selling it, but if they catch you growing it, they will put you in jail. 

Anybody interested can read more about the raid here: 


Because I am adamantly opposed to cooperating with the government in crimes against flowers, they are being as equally stubborn about dismissing this case against me.  So at this time we are looking at going to a jury trial in 2014.

Regardless of their prosecutions – I think we would all agree that marijuana prohibition is quickly becoming history.

Please help me to educate others as to how they can overgrow this ignorance and support my next book GrowMedicine.

Thank you very much for your consideration, I hope everybody is having a good summer.