From Los Angeles defense specialist Bruce Margolin re Pebbles Trippet Gets Her Due in the Anderson Valley Advertiser:

I am pleased to see that Pebbles is getting the recognition she deserves. Her and her Doc, Tod Mikuriya, went to bat for all of us and WON an important decision in the law that continues to have impact. I recall her contacting me at the time of the case was going on and wanted my help. With much regret I was caught up with my busy practice and couldn’t commit to her case at that time . I want to thank her again for calling on me —it was an honor. God Bless You Pebbles and Happy New Year.  🙏🏼 Bruce Margolin

Response from Pebbles Trippet in the AVA:

No problem Bruce. So nice of you to remember. It’s probably best that I went in pro per so as not to have to fuss with lawyers about my disagreements when they usually win the argument. I insisted on arguing against peremptory challenges of jurors, rather than dismissal for cause. I wanted a first 12 jurors as my jury trial and to see the jury books prosecutors used to get rid of jurors. Lawyers don’t want to go there. Defendants are free to try new approaches without fear of losing reputation if we lose the motion or a constitutional challenge. Lawyers have a serious disadvantage in the appeal process in that they are not usually willing to challenge the unconstitutionality of the marijuana laws directly, only effects that stay in place and keep us in our place. Hence prohibition has lasted 80 years.