December 10, 2014 from Art Guerrilla 

1. Don’t disagree with what presented, but think there was more involved.
2. As a first principle, DO NOT trust ‘our’ (sic) computer-based voting systems.  IF compromised, WTF are we talking about, ‘voting’ ?
3. Originally involved in ‘United for Care’ org, but quickly became disillusioned.  ALL we volunteers were being asked to do, was beg for money, period.  (Semi-scammy, I can write more about it, if you want to know.)
4. The org had basically NOTHING to support us TRYING to be promoting and talking up the issue.  NO bumperstickers, NO tee shirts, NO buttons, NO NOTHING.  ASKED/BEGGED about that stuff 2-3 times before I became disillusioned, in that it seemed they were doing the absolute minimum necessary to address and popularize the issue.  VERY disappointed, *almost* thought of going citizen-journalist and investigating exactly *where* all the money the org (and morgan) raised went to.
5. Lastly, not sure how much of a negative Crist was for rethugs or anyone.  Sure, I guess *some* diehards, but I just don’t see that.
6. Not sure how much the weak ‘preventative’ bill was influencing the vote, either.  I’m sure it was a big hook for the anti-pot idiots to hang their hat on, but I don’t know.  I guess it was so close (again, ASSUMING the vote is valid), that a couple percent of stupid sheeple were swayed.  But, I would say a FAR BIGGER factor is the low voter turnout, and especially low for the young.
In any event, as I say, VERY disappointed in the United for Care effort that *I* saw and was party to (as a bottom rung phone volunteer).
Thanks for your reporting.
art guerrilla
aka ann archy