The Punishment of Dr. Ng   is recounted  in the new O’Shaughnessy’s. Attorney Nicole Li, who represents Ng in Washington State, says she now has four similar cases. She sent news clips re: Dr. William Dienst, who speaks Spanish, has sojourned to help the wretched of the earth, and has impressed staff and colleagues at Valley View Clinic.  His case was made public by the Oregon Department of Health.

Clinic director Steve Clark supported Dienst in comments  to the Willapa Harbor Herald:  “Dr. Dienst is an experienced doctor, a good doctor, and we felt he was doing great things at Valley View. Our hope is he will be able to work things out with the state and return to our Valley View Clinic.”

The neoprohibitionists are doing all they can to constrain and even blacklist pro-cannabis doctors.

Willapa Bay is southwest of Olympia.  A lot of jokes must get made about Toke Point. —FG