Jeffrey Hergenrather, MD, is a clinician from Sebastpol, California, whose files track the responses of thousands of patients to cannabis. The Technion is Israel’s equivalent of MIT, where biologist Dedi Meiri, PhD, and colleagues are doing research to determine which components of cannabis exert which effects on patients.

When Meiri described  his work to the Society of Cannabis Clinicians in September, 2017, Hergenrather was very impressed by the logic of his approach, the excellence of his  equipment and staff,  and the advantages of government-supported data collection.  The country doctor expressed  interest in visiting the high-tech lab to observe the cutting-edge research firsthand. Meiri responded that he was very keen to get feedback from a physician  whose experience monitoring  cannabis use by patients is unequalled and whose practice standards are widely respected. An extended visit  was arranged and has just gotten underway. We will be providing dispatches from Dr. Hergenrather and his wife Starr.

A sense of the very different yet complementary approaches of Drs. Hergenrather and Meiri can be gleaned from these recent publications:

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