From Kris Hermes, ASA’s media specialist, in reference to Cities Balk as Federal Law on Marijuana Is Enforced, a big piece by Norimitsu Onishi in today’s New York Times.

I was seriously misquoted in this article regarding localities that have “suspended” their dispensary ordinances, and is something I’ve attempted to clarify with the reporter.

For what it’s worth (and maybe folks already know this), more than 50 localities have established dispensary regulatory ordinances in California, and while a small handful have rescinded or suspended their ordinances as a result of federal intimidation, almost all of them remain viable and fully functional. In particular, the cities of San Francisco and Oakland, in the face of federal intimidation and successful efforts to shut down dispensaries in those communities, have recently “permitted” NEW dispensaries.


The Times devoted a third of a page —the top third, on a Sunday, in the A section— to a picture of very uniform looking buds.