On Mar 10, 2014, at 11:47 AM, Niklas Gebauer wrote:

Dear Mr. Gardner,

I am a student of Hult International Business School in London and together with my team I am working on a report for a Global Economics Course, taught by Harvard Professor Dr. Mark. Esposito. Our topic is to identify and analyze a cluster and we chose the Medical Marijuana Cluster in California. 
We have identified you as an expert for Medical Marijuana and we would be very thankful if you would support our work by taking some time to briefly answer the following interview-questions.London Calling
1) Do you see California as a hub/cluster for Medical Marijuana? If yes – Why?
2) Which are the most important building blocks of the cluster?
3) What weaknesses and which threats do you identify in the cluster?
4) Which recommendations would you make to policy-makers in order to further improve the cluster?
Please tell us, whether we are allowed to quote you in our report. We would be happy to share our final report with you, if you are willing to answer the interview-questions.
Thank you very much in advance and best wishes,
Niklas Gebauer
Retro message to Niklas Gebauer:
You should define “cluster” for those unfamiliar with B-school jargon. Like
yours truly,
Fred G.