Doctors in the Society of Cannabis Clinicians —specialists who between them have monitored hundreds of thousands of patients using marijuana to treat a wide range of conditions— are unanimously opposed to the bill proposed by Senator Lou Correa.
Outrageous restrictions for physicians.  No support from here without throwing all of the language out about limits on physicians! 

Jeff Hergenrather MD
Society of Cannabis Clinicians
IT IS AWFUL. Clearly Pharma wants their piece.

Allan I Frankel, MD
This would only make at least a little sense if they taught truthfully about cannabis in every med school and it was on the licensing exams, if the Feds silenced and apologized and thoroughly corrected both their propaganda campaign and their threatening physicians with dislicensure if they even think of the world outside their own sweat lodge, and if no patient were allowed to go to a chiropracter or acupuncturist —or podiatrist or barber, or yogi or tennis coach— or fart in public, or scratch his nose without his PCP’s permission. And even then it would still be a very unAmerican, intolerable loss of freedom for both principal parties. Lou Correa, I forbid you to go to your Viagra support group.
Robert Sullivan, MD
WOW! I agree with all of you.  and we better start educating the public. With new health care regulations, many patients are either not able to find a primary care physician and if they do, they often are “assigned” to a physician who is either uneducated about marijuana and/ or  opposes their patients using it.  And what about the vets whose primary doc is in the VA system? These docs cannot recommend marijuana on paper because they are federally funded.  And the same goes for many docs at university hospitals and Kaisers where they are often told that they cannot write recommendations for one reason or another.  These docs certainly won’t have the time or inclination or knowledge to guide patients about strains and/or delivery systems and/or any aspect of this specialty of ours.  
                                                                                                    Hanya Barth, MD
Attorney Bill Panzer adds, reassuringly: “It is most likely that the provisions limiting which physicians may issue the recommendation or approval, and limitations on recs to minors would be found as an unconstitutional amendment of 215 under the same analysis employed by the courts in Kelly to find the plant limits unconstitutional.”
O’Shaughnessy’s line on physicians and cannabis was laid out here.  We’ll have more on the Correa bill as it advances in the legislature.