From Chris Conrad:

I’m saddened to bear the news of Randy Givens’ passage in San Francisco Feb. 5, 2013 at age 73 after years of poor health. Randy was a real character in the San Francisco activist scene. He was a pool hustler and a common fixture at the SF Cannabis Buyers’ Club SF-CBC until it was shut down by the state in the days before SB 420 authorized collectives. [O’Shaughnessy’s published Givens’ piece  re Cannabis and the Bible in the 2010 book issue.]  Some may remember he gave a passionate presentation at the 2011 California NORML Next Steps conference in a panel organized by my wife, Mikki Norris.

I had several conversations with Randy in recent months about how he was going to unite the movement by focusing on our common enemy of prohibition and that we need to hammer the opposition with a one-two punch of strong facts and strong rhetoric, and that if he could just get into the room with George Soros for one hour it would open the floodgates of his wealth to make marijuana legal for adults. Randy was opinionated, thought provoking, enthusiastic, optimistic and a fighter to the end. We’ll have to carry on his spirit from here.

We will try to get more information and post his obituary and eulogies at