December 7, 2015   This is being dashed off to meet the online deadline. Come back to the link for a fuller account… The Society of Cannabis Clinicians met yesterday at the East Bay Community Center in downtown Oakland. Elected its officers and board unanimously (Jeffrey Hergenrather, MD, will give it another year as President. The once-seemingly-hopeless search for a new treasurer ended with three capable members volunteering.) Fred Gardner (c’est moi) said that the new O’Shaughnessy’s is at the printer —72 pages in two sections, like a “double album” from the ’60s. Distribution starts Friday. Stacey Kerr, MD, reported on SCC finances (in the black) and sales of the CME course launched by its Education Committee a year ago (heading towards the black).

The main event consisted of talks by Ethan Russo, MD, and biochemist Dale Deutsch. Both will be online ASAP at  And a bit of what they had to can be checked out in the new O’Shaughnessy’s —here for Russo, here for Deutsch.  Some pix from the meeting below.

Must see TV:  Last night’s 60 minutes double segment on Confidential Informants. By cosmic coincidence, Dale Deutsch’s presentation opened with a slide of police in loose formation, poised to raid student dorms at Stony Brook University —the Long Island, New York, institution where he runs a lab— to round up the marijuana users. The raid took place 40 years ago.  And then 60 Minutes devoted 40 to this very subject!  Things may be changing for the over-21s. But the cops are still torturing the college students! And to add to the coincidence, this reality is the bottom line of the new O’Shaughnessy’s.