Judge Judy to Supreme Court?

The Cassandra Drone has sent images of Donald Trump pledging to nominate Judge Judith Scheindlin to the Supreme Court. “She’s meaner than Hillary!” the candidate tells the crowd at an event in Milwaukee. “And she didn’t go to Harvard or Yale!” 

Chris Mathews is impressed, “The Donald is doubling down on himself! It’s the egotist exacta!”

On her super-popular Judge Judy show, Scheindlin, a well-preserved 73-year-old white woman, viciously hectors people who are relatively poor and powerless. They try to say something in self-defense and Scheindlin shuts them up with “You’re lying.” She suffered a brief p.r. setback in 2000 while promoting a book in Australia. She described needle exchange, in a speech, as a project of “liberal morons.” Someone asked how she would deal with the AIDS epidemic. Judge Judy said, “Give ‘em dirty needles and let ‘em die… I don’t understand why we think it’s important to keep them alive.” It was broadcast and reported at the time, then erased from memory.

Act-Up didn’t act up, they quickly hushed up. Maybe some donor paid up… I brought up the subject in a column in Counterpunch in June 2007… When Trump pledges to nominate Judge Judy, the murderous sentiments she expressed Down Under will get some media attention, according to Cassandra. But it’ll be way too late, and it won’t cost the ticket a single vote. 

Some people get forgiven and some people don’t. Barack Obama had to disown Reverend Wright for saying we should stop making people hate us.