From Beverly Mikuriya, MD  October 20, 2015

Can’t believe that there was nobody from CA at the IACM conference in Sestri Levante.

At the IACM members’ meeting there was discussion that IACM should promote international cannabis education for physicians. Interestingly, I just received from NetCE , the continuing education organization that offers medical education for California physicians, there publication that fulfills 30hrs of California CME. The first course in the book is “Medical Marijuana and Other Cannabinoids” for 5 category 1 credits. I haven’t done the course yet but it seems factually done see it you can take a look at it. It is definitely a step in the right direction.

Retro Message:  Thanks, Bev. I’ve just been reading the abstract book and fending off regret. It was a joint conference with the European Workshop on Cannabinoid Research, and the presentations were heavy on the pharmacology and light on clinical reports —maybe even more so than an ICRS meeting.  But I see some intriguing titles… And what a location!  What were the highlights from your POV?IACM 2015 Program

Joe. D. Goldstrich adds:

I tracked down the CME Dr. Mikuriya mentions. 30 hours refers to a package with only 5 hours of medical marijuana for $69. The Medical Marijuana and Other Cannabinoids is available by itself for $19!!