From  Roland Van Deusen   vet, retired counselor   Clayton NY

Thank you for your piece about the veteran suicide epidemic proving lucrative for therapists. My two minute video below has been used by the most deployed division in the Army, the Veterans Administration’s National Center for PTSD and the VA’s nationwide suicide prevention program, the leading online mental health journal, and 25 other entities serving vets and troops.

I’d hate myself if I ever took a dime for this, but the video’s not reaching all who could benefit from it, breaks my heart, with a half million PTSD cases out there, and 22 daily vet suicides. Perhaps you could mention it to your readers, to help save some more lives. The message encourages troubled vets to keep seeking help, and is a tool for their families, friends, and counselors. Please feel free to use/post/share it. gratis, wherever you feel it would do the most good. Let me know what you think of it. RSVP. Thanks.

Posted it right away.  Appreciatively, Fred Gardner