August 2   We’ve seen stories buried before, but never so fast or successfully as “DNC Undercut Bernie,” which immediately got transmogrified into “Russian Hackers Defile Our Sacred Election.”

Donald Trump was being sarcastic when he urged the Russians to find more emails in the wake of the DNC revelations! This chart by H.W. Fowler, which may be the greatest thing ever written, confirms it—

From Fowler's "Modern English Usage"

From Fowler’s “Modern English Usage”

Moreover, Trump was revealing about his self-image. He sees himself as an entertainer, a stand-up comic. And now he’s dying and he senses it. Painful to watch on every level. (BTW, my thing is invective. When people would say “you’re too sarcastic,” or “you’re so cynical,” I always knew they were way off.  It took Fowler to explain why.)