From Buford Terrell, December 19, 2013 (with retro messages from Tonto)

It looks to me like the efforts to reform mj laws have passed a tipping point and legalization is now not only inevitable, but will happen very quickly.

Today the President commuted 8 excessive drug sentences;

Out of how many thousands?
this week Monitoring the Future showed that a majority of HS seniors did not believe mj is harmful and a majority had used it — all of these seniors will be of voting age within a year.
NIDA’s spin on the study is prohibitionist as ever. 
This year 2 states legalized and the US A-G acquiesced.
“Legalization” with seed-to-sale tracking by law enforcement is not what some of us have in mind.
The victory is ours — we just need to sew up the loose ends. 
“What you mean ‘we,’ white man?”