From Kerry Reynolds of KMUD  April 5, 2014    

Here’s a link to my Cannabis Consciousness episode in February, when we just found out about Ringo. Ringo listened to the show from his hospital bed and people called in to honor him. It includes some great live interviews about Ringo and his legacy. He was a pioneer and a great role model – I also included excerpts from him speaking on the breeding panel at emerald cup and he says things like “I would never put pesticides on my land!” Feel free to distribute…
National and California news review, followed by Lovefest for Lawrence Ringo, pioneering outdoor organic grower & master high-CBD seed breeder now battling cancer ( Guests include: Ponyboy of Los Marijuanos, Christopher Larson (, Scientist Samantha Miller (, Dr. William Courtney (, Tim Blake (
Lawrence Ringo (left on the big screen) and DJ Short shared their experience and insights with an appreciative audience at the Emerald Cup in Santa Rosa, December 7, 2013.  —FG
Ringo, DJ