From Dale Gieringer:   Congratulations to Tim Blake and his crew for producing the best-ever Emerald Cup last weekend in Santa Rosa.  The selection of high-quality sungrown products was staggering – —over 900 entries— as was the sophisticated array of categories —CBD and regular THC, flowers, edibles, topicals, rosin, concentrates, CO2, solventless— and the special new THCV, high-terpene, and novel-terpene varieties.  Two days wasn’t enough time to explore the hundreds of vendors present.  This marks a specacular  end to the free market era of unregulated cannabis collectives;  next year, the event will be bound by the state’s strict new licensing regulations, but the need for a medical-only “215 Area”  badge will be gone.  It is truly impressive to see how much progress California’s legacy growers and manufacturers have made under the expert guidance of the Emerald Cup judges, aided by the professional testing services of SC Labs.   Let there be more to come!