Deborah Peterson Small forwarded a piece from NPR with a chilling graphic and this comment:
“Important history piece about the role of black women in the development of modern gynecology, as subjects of experimentation……missing is the role of black women as midwives and nurses whose medical knowledge was passed down from generation to generation……all of which was dismissed by European medical professionals who had no respect for the knowledge and practice of black doulas who were often the only health care providers for enslaved women and their children.”

Here’s the piece from NPR. org, which aired in February 2016:

Remembering Anarcha, Lucy, and Betsey: The Mothers of Modern Gynecology

“Marion Sims is remembered as the father of modern gynecology. Forgotten are the mothers—the enslaved women whose bodies were sacrificed for the advancement…”

We love Michelle Obama for many reasons, but none heavier than that she wouldn’t let them use the little girls in Chicago for their ‘scientific experiments’ with Gardasil.