Now that we’ve given up the old Luddite stance and are embracing the web, we must admit it’s cool to put up some of our old photos in living color. This picture of Lynne “Geo” Barnes at Prop 215 heardquarters accompanied Jeffrey Hergenrather’s editorial, “Ask Your Doctor if Cannabis is Right for You?” in the Winter/Spring 2007 issue of O’Shaughnessy’s.  Hergenrather concluded, “If you are presently using cannabis —whether or not you define your use as medical—or are considering using it for medical purposes, of course you should ask your doctor if cannabis is right for you. And if you are unable to have that conversation forthrightly, consider seeing a cannabis specialist.”

Until recently I was taking pictures with a black-and-white publication in mind, and the outlook of a leafleter, not a historical archivist. Nevertheless, we have some good ones —”unique content,” as they say. I don’t think any of them says more than this one of Geo.  —FG