Case note from Allan Frankel, MD, April 3, 2014

In the past few days I have been following a 59-year-old woman with severe pain following gum surgery. An infection had set in and her pain, despite opiates, was over the top. She was not able to speak a word and could barely swallow her saliva.

She started with a 1:1 extract at a dose of 7 mg THC and 7 mg CBD in a CO- extracted coconut-oil-blended extract. Within minutes, her pain was mostly gone and she reported feeling much better.

This morning she came by to share her experience. I am asking her to switch to a wide-ratio extract with minimal THC, to see if she gets the same relief. We have seen patients with substantial relief from dental pain from CBD alone.

 Remember, as CBD is anti-bacterial, it must be a great medicine for dental and gingival pain.

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