From S.D. March 31:   Like my friends, I got swept up in the feeding frenzy or “buzz launch” called Kannaway. Since the beginning I got “red flags” about their “corp staff,” pressure to buy products within a three day period, no expert or education on the CBD Hemp oil/benefits/nutrients in products, and that they had no plans after 4:20 Cannabis cup in Denver, among other “issues.”

They either have it all together and will be The Real Opp they promise, or lots of good people lose money and reputations.

More from S.D. March 31:   Kannaway, whose domain was registered in Panama, has its registration listed in Nevada, and its return shipping address on labels is the same San Diego address as Hemp Meds PX.  Their pricing is higher by $10-25 over its manufacturer and others online. According to the lab results on the products I received from Hemp Meds PX, the CBD content is .035 to 18% per dry bulk. Their vape pen contains ethylene glycol….you know, anti freeze.

Questions for S.D. and his replies: 

O’S: When you say you and friends got “swept up in the feeding frenzy,” what does that mean?

SD:  We posted on FB and promoted it… The links I posted caused more than 20 people to “enroll for free.”

 O’S: How does it work?

SD: People enroll for free. They then have 72 hours to buy 1 or both hemp products or they ” lose” a chance to earn a % off a collective pool. 

O’S: Do you buy a position in a network of distributors?

SD:  During March, people had to buy any products. CHECK THIS Beginning first week of April, distributors, called Brand Ambassadors have to pay $15/month fee (toward website and marketing tool), or they lose the March commissions. 

O’S: What does it cost?

SD: $15

O’S: What are the obligations?


SD: Pay fee. They have not yet mentioned any obligation to order products to earn commissions yet.