The most radical assertion Sanjay Gupta, MD, made in his recent CNN report on medical marijuana was that the American people had been “systematically misled” on the subject. In what other ways have we been “systematically misled” by the powers that be and the culture they have imposed on us?

Sophia Wallace, a bold artist based in Brooklyn, NY, is exposing a deception as fundamental as reefer madness: systematic miseducation about the clitoris —the female sex organ. You can see Wallace discussing the subject here.  We hope to run some her material in the upcoming O’Shaughnessy’s. 

4 chambered pumpEvery February, in connection with Valentine’s Day, little representations of the clit abound on greeting cards, etc.. We are told that these are drawings of the heart.  But the heart is a four-chambered pump that looks like this: 

Bravo, Sophia!