To the Editor: Your story about the evolution of roach clips reminded me of a device I once saw instructions for how to build in a “Dr. Atomic” comic. I am scanning it in. It was copyright in 1972 by Larry S. Todd.  I never tried to build it and I don’t know if it’ll work or it was just a Rube Goldberg kind of joke illustration. The Dr. Atomic character  looks he was inspired by the R. Crumb character Mr. Natural.  “Dr. Atomic” was published by Last Gasp Eco-Funnies of Berkeley.

Dr. Atomic device

Betty Green, Weaverville, California

ps Happy New Year. I love O’Shaughnessy’s. When is the new one coming out 

pps: I’m also scanning in the cover of the “Dr. Atomic” comic book, but I don’t see a story that goes with the cover. Maybe the plant has undergone genetic mutation thanks to Dr. Atomic? I wonder what my copy is worth? It’s in pretty good condition. 

Retro message:  The new O’S is coming soon, Betty… Last Gasp is still happening and we’ll try to find out more about Larry Todd and Dr. Atomic… The value of your copy is how much somebody is willing to pay for it. Interest in cannabis-related collectibles has soared in recent years. David Watson of HortaPharm compiled his world-class collection over decades when only a few other people were in the market for certain apothecary jars and anti-markjuana police patches. The recent wave of affluent ganjapreneurs has washed away the great bargains, Watson says. 

Dr. Atomic Comic