In 1997 John James, the editor of AIDS Treatment News, a newsletter published in San Francisco, broke the story of an unpublicized study conducted earlier in the ’90s by federally funded scientists.  They found that rats treated with THC had a reduced cancer rate and greater longevity than controls. Here’s James’s exposé.

By John S. James

AIDS Treatment News has obtained a 126-page draft report of a major toxicology study of THC, the main psychoactive ingredient of marijuana. The study was completed over two and a half years ago, and passed peer review for publication, but has been kept quiet until this month, when someone leaked copies of the draft report. As far as we know, the public has never been told about this research —for example, the drug-reform movement seems not to have known about its existence. This work may have been hushed because its findings are not what the drug-war industry would want.

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