From Pebbles Trippet   May 8

The Riverside case is such a loss we seem to not know what hit us.The only reason I have a pretty good idea of the problem is because MMMAB spent 3-4 years trying & failing to stop the inevitable adoption of nuisance regulations in Mendo. At least we have the knowledge resulting from our failure. That is not nothing. It is the first opportunity I’ve had in years to be able to point to a plausible explanation for our loss, when people are more likely to be listening. The Inland Empire Patients’ Center has already shut down, although Lanny still has his radio program (voted best talk show in the region). The primary Ukiah dispensary had to move yesterday because their landlord got the dreaded notice. How fortunate that they found a place to move to.

Kyndra interviewd me today for Skunk mag’s ‘Tokin’ Woman”. She agrees with me that we need a Women’s Party.

Good fundraising idea (the Women’s Party).  As for the significance of the nuisance laws, I reported on Lungren’s Ahab-like pursuit of Dennis after Prop 215 passed.  Imagine being declared a public nuisance on that stretch of Market Street (so seedy by day, so desolate by night)!  Many people who should have rallied behind Dennis were glad to see him go. He was “too loose,” they were going to “do it right.”  Some wanted market share and/or they were busy usurping the political leadership. Dennis was insulted and demoralized but never let on. He may not even see it that way —but I do and I was watching closely.