In late May, at the age of 96, Dr. Henry J. Heimlich had occasion to save a woman who was choking. Of course he used the technique he had developed for that purpose and which bears his name. This is from the report by Christine Hauser in the NY Times:

Since he invented the Heimlich maneuver, Dr. Henry J. Heimlich had spent decades demonstrating the lifesaving technique on people willing to play the role of a choking victim.

But this week, Dr. Heimlich, 96, said he got to do the real thing.

He used the abdomen-squeezing maneuver on Monday night on an 87-year-old woman who was choking at their senior residence community in Cincinnati, popping a morsel of meat out of her mouth.

“I felt it was just confirmation of what I had been doing throughout my life,” he said in an interview.