[wpspoiler name=”Lyrics” ]Jason Jason Williams
son of the custodian
played in the gymnasium
after it closed
Horse of course and one on one
older brother used t’ back him down
Jason had to learn his own
personal moves
Practicing with ankleweights
elbow weights all through nights
no looks and behind the backs,
out-of-sights, off the walls
He hung with Randy Moss
He smoked till he got tossed
He said you ain’t my boss
and they made him pay the price —twice
Jason Jason Williams
wiry, working class
kid can shoot your eyes out
but he’d rather pass
To Chris Webber on the wing
or Williamson following
he’s got the ball on a string
alley-oop, at the hoop
Here come the gallant Serbians
who wouldn’t be subservient
cheered on by suburbians
like they opposed the war
And Max, cast off as mad
and Barry with his famous dad
FUNDERBURKE!, Abdul Wahad,
a diverse crew whose
passing got contagious
forgiving and courageous
totally outrageous
Well ain’t that the point of
Jason Jason Williams
tall enough and sneaky fast
dude could shoot your eyes out but
he’s come to pass.[/wpspoiler]
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