In the piece headed “Medical Marijuana, Inc. Pitching CBD Products,” Martin A. Lee wrote that “The legal status of CBD is somewhat muddled.”  Ethan Russo, MD, advises that  “CBD is unequivocally Schedule 1 in the USA.”

Sharp-eyed Clint Werner caught a gaffe  in Dr. Allan Frankel’s critique of a USC testicular cancer study. In a list of eight misgivings about the study, Frankel had written:

“5. ‘The people who had been diagnosed with Testicular Cancer were less likely than controls to report to report religious affiilation.’ This is a direct quote. Are they suggesting that church activities somehow cause testicular cancer?”

Werner pointed out that Frankel’s question would have made more sense as “…church activities somehow protect against testicular cancer?”

The managing editor should have caught it.  Here’s the corrected pdf with Dr. Frankel’s comments in context.

“Criticism and self-criticism, comrades,” the old lefties used to say. But of course they only meant the former.

Sharp-eyed Clint also caught something interesting when he was recently re-reading “And the Band Played On,” Randy Shilts’ great book about the HIV epidemic in San Francisco. See ITEM TK.