Thanks for your kind words about O’Shaughnessy’s. I did play a role in expediting the cultivation of CBD-rich Cannabis in the U.S., but not as you describe. (Interesting how urban legends develop.)  The story of how cannabidiol  was reintroduced in the U.S. in recent years is told in these pieces: 

Bornheim Studying Effects of CBD

GWPharmaceuticals to Make Sativex 

CBD Reintro Era 2011

CBD How it Works 2011 

CBD Update 2013 is being reconfigured by Martin A. Lee. That’s where the ongoing story will be reported in detail.

 I’m putting material from O’S back issues online at, and working on the next print edition.  

As ever (but only 92% — I’m recovering from a not-so-cute anemia following “routine” hernia surgery),