A Christmas Message From Marian Fry, MD

To all the people who know of me and support me, thank you!

This will be my last Christmas in prison, thank God.  This may be my last but there are many people whoa are going to spend many more in here. I have spent my time developing a deeper love for God, and how He works in all circumstances. I have lost all my physical and material possessions, but I have gained things that have no assigned value. I have developed a joy and peace that is beyond human understanding. The peace is independent of my circumstance. Peace available to everyone. My joy and peace reflect the deep personal relationship I have with Jesus.

We must take time this Christmas to reflect and contemplate the astounding truth: God confined himself in a human body for 33 years out of love for us. Pure light, truth and love, complete and absolute power gave up all power to take a human form. He who had no limit to His existence limited Himself so that he could have fellowship with us. He taught, healed and modeled how to live together in love. He was born to give His life willingly so that we could reflect on the miracle of Mercy. I rejoice in the transformation He does in all who ask. I await this next year when I will be free to return to the world and reflect His light to the world.

Merry Christmas.

Pleaae go to http://www.candoclemency.com and sign the petition that asks the President to free some of us who have spent too much of our lives away from the world.


Editor’s note:  Address correspondence to  Marion Fry 15840-097 5675 8th St.  Dublin Prison CAMP,  Dublin, CA 94568…  Although Dr. Fry’s confinement status is “CAMP,” she and the other women in the federal facility in Dublin were moved last spring from the relatively pleasant old wooden camp barracks into the newer, grimmer prison itself. When I visited shortly before that move, Mollie looked healthy and strong, which she attributed to a lot of walking and thinking about God. She had declined to join a  “substance abuse”  program that would have cut many months from her sentence because she would not promise to abstain from using marijuana in the future. She pictured herself in a meeting, singing the praises of marijuana, which God created, while everybody else was pretending to denounce the herb. Mollie is no hypocrite.

Her many friends and well-wishers look forward to seeing her restored to society ASAP.

The ordeal of Dr. Fry and her husband, attorney Dale Schafer —convicted in federal court on cultivation charges—  is recounted Vanessa Nelson’s excellent book, Cool Madness, which can be ordered from www.mmapub.com…Creating a link just now to O’Shaughnessy’s account of the Fry-Schafer trial,  I saw the small notice from their five children (two from Dale’s first marriage), who were desperately trying to pay the mortgage on their house in the Sierra foothills. They could not.  —FG