The Hemisphere Project wasn’t a tremendous surprise or revelation to those who always assume the phone is tapped. Our item was trying to make the point that from DOJ’s perspective the massive phonetapping is a heavier subject than marijuana “legalization.” To pot partisans the marijuana issue is of paramount importance. But to the politicians it’s of secondary importance —a misdirection play to keep us and our friends from focusing on the rich/poor system and the police state that upholds it. Marijuana legalization is a sop to throw the American people —bit by bit— as U.S. imperialism hits the fan.

John McCain provided a small example today (Sept. 4). Facing hostility at a town meeting from Arizonans who want no part of the situation in Syria, he revealed he had an open mind on legalizing marijuana. The headline coming out of the town meeting was not about McCain’s refusal to heed his constituents on war and peace but about his willingness to consider heeding them on marijuana policy. How convenient to have such an issue at the ready…  “Look over there: pot!” And of course everybody looks.