Harborside Health Center’s Steve DeAngelo’s statement on the Senate Judiciary Commitee Hearings:

“I hope California legislators were listening to James Cole when he called on states that have legalized cannabis —for adult or medical uses— to regulate its sale and cultivation. The CA legislature should immediately pass AB 604 and SB 439, and authorize the Alcohol Beverage Control agency to develop and implement a rigorous system of regulation for state-legal cannabis businesses.

“I hope US Attorneys like Melinda Haag were listening when Cole stated that property owners who lease to state-legal cannabis businesses would not be subject to federal enforcement actions. She should immediately cease her attempts to seize the properties in which Harborside and other dispensaries are located, and all other efforts to impede our ability to operate legitimately.

“And the DEA should listen to the repeated calls by multiple witnesses and senators for the immediate restoration of armored car services to state-legal cannabis businesses —before somebody is seriously injured or killed.

“The overall message of today’s hearing is clear: cannabis businesses can and will bring benefits to communities, instead of harms—as soon as they are properly regulated by state government. It is long past time for the CA legislature to exercise leadership this issue, and pass common sense regulation of medical cannabis businesses. For once, it seems like the federal government is ahead of California.”

DeAngelo is referring to James Cole’s testimony this morning at the Senate Judiciary Commitee hearing. You’ll find relevant background on the Harborside seizure-of-property case here and the denial of armored-car services here. And still-relevant-after-all-these-years background on the U.S. Senate’s understanding of the “marihuana” plant here.