The Medical Board of California is meeting at the SF Airport Mariott Thursday-Friday July 30-31.  The agenda has not yet been posted. MBC publicist Cassandra Hockenson said over the phone this morning that the agenda the will be posted a week before the meeting. I reminded her that people generally made plans further in advance —especially working physicians who might have to cancel patients, etc..  I gleaned that the Thursday July 30 morning session involves closed reports from the Enforcement Division re disciplinary actions. Thursday afternoon will be a presentation about compliance with the Affordable Care Act. I couldn’t get any info about Friday July 31, but Cassandra foresees a possible posting of the agenda by this Friday, July 17.  She kept advising me to watch the website, as if a phone call to the public information officer was somehow pushy. I refrained from saying, “This is your job, lady.”