Police, Bureaucrats Plan MMRSA Implementation

From O’S News Service January 27, 2016   The California League of Cities and the Police Chiefs Association —the lobbyists who sponsored the recently adopted Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act— are holding an “informational briefing” today in Riverside. The online announcement says the briefing is intended for “mayors, council members, city managers / assistant city managers, fiscal officers, city planners, city attorneys, law enforcement.”

Although the Act itself  is supposedly about “Medical Marijuana,” no physicians are on the agenda to explain what California doctors have learned about the subject, and there will be no discussion of the public health impact of widespread marijuana use (which has been the status quo in the Golden State for many years). Despite the dire warnings of law enforcement, politicians and bureaucrats, no pattern of adverse effects followed the passage of Prop 215.

When the politicians named the new regulations “Mersa,” we inferred that there were no physicians involved in the drafting.  

O’Shaughnessy’s has assigned a correspondent in Riverside to attend the “informational briefing,” but we would be surprised if the League of Cities allows him access.  Tod Mikuriya, MD, used to call gatherings such as this “conclaves of the coven.”