The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has issued its massive annual report describing illicit drug use and treatment trends in the US in 2017. Buried in the sprawling data dump are some numbers that explain why Cannabis Use Disorder is of such importance to the Treatment Industry. For openers, marijuana is the most widely used illicit drug.

Although SAMHSA analyzes drug-use data from every conceivable angle, “Misuse of Psychotherapeutics” in the table below makes no reference to anti-depressants, the most widely used “psychotherapeutic” of them all! And why would illicit use of pain relievers be going down slightly as fentanyl use soars?

It follows from marijuana being the most widely used illicit drug that it would be the leading source of business for the treatment providers:

Teenagers (12-17) received by far the most treatment for Cannabis Use Disorder:

The SAMHSA report provides essential market research for the Treatment Industry. Tables show where Americans are getting help for drug problems:

Many tables provide demographic analysis of the substance abusers:

Although the SAMHSA demographic analyses are detailed, the gender distinctions are unsophisticated compared to this questionnaire given to members of the Alameda Senior Center. (More tables are needed.)