Dear Ms. Kirchmeyer,

The Society of Cannabis Clinicians requests that the medical board, at its next meeting include, a discussion of both appendices to the “Guidelines for the Recommendation of Cannabis for Medical Purposes.”

Appendix 1, the Decision Tree, contradicts the Guidelines ­by making cannabis a treatment of last resort after standard Rx has failed. But the Guidelines state, “A patient need not have failed on all standard medications in order for a physician to recommend or approve the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes.” This is an obvious gaffe.

The SCC is drafting a Decision Tree based on the Guidelines to be submitted to the MBC shortly. Meanwhile, the Decision Tree should be deleted from the Guidelines as posted (or amended by staff to reflect the Guidelines).

Appendix II, the “Agreement,” was modeled by Wilsey et al on a document in which patients being prescribed narcotics acknowledge the risks. Cannabinoid users do not face equivalent risks. The SCC will provide a more realistic draft of an Agreement for the med board’s consideration. This is to request that time be allotted to discuss the Agreement and the Decision Tree at the quarterly meeting in April.