“The Coalition for Physician Accountability consists of 13 corporations that dominate medical education, residency training, and physician practice,” explains Dr. Bryan Carmody, the medical students’ friend —aka the Sheriff of Sodium— in an August 27 post.

“Starting a couple of years ago, the corporations that govern much of those processes decided to start having meetings to consider solutions to those problems. One meeting begat another, bigger meeting, until last year, in the wake of the decision to report USMLE Step 1 scores as pass/fail, the Coalition for Physician Accountability convened a special committee to take on the undergraduate-to-graduate medical education transition. That committee —called the UME-to-GME Review Committee or UGRC— completed their work and released their final recommendations yesterday.

Carmody had written a detailed analysis of the Committee’s preliminary report. Without false modesty, he writes: “If you haven’t read that post, you should. Many of my original criticisms still stand (e.g, on the lack of medical student representation, or the structural configuration that effectively gave corporate members veto power).”

In his latest, Carmody has good things to say about most of the Committee’s recommendations, but notes diplomatically that many contain the “more-research-is-needed” caveat instead of calling for prompt action.