From: Cool Consultations <>
Subject: Rising cost of medical cannabis
Date: March 30, 2018 at 2:44:21 PM PDT

My name is Bobby Eisenberg and I work for Dr. Beverly A. Mikuriya at her Cannabis clinic, Cool Consultations Inc., in Cool, CA. I have been a patient advocate for over twenty years.

I am the custodian of records for Dr. Mikuriya’s patients. I also handle orientation with the patients which gives me an opportunity to hear about the problems that have arisen since the implementation of Prop 64 this year.

Patients are reporting that, in some cases, their medical cannabis costs have DOUBLED since January 1st!!

Additionally, there are shortages of good CBD cannabis compounds on the shelves.

This situation is entirely unacceptable and destined to fail with the current mindset. The States incompetence in managing this new program is disgraceful!

People’s lives are at stake!!

Patients who were and are in the midst of chemotherapeutic treatments who depend on the cannabis to help them through are being priced out of the market.

The parents of children who are dealing with epileptic seizure disorders can’t afford the CBD compounds that have truly become life saving! And these children and their families are suffering beyond belief.

The patients who have had success ending their pharmaceutically induced addiction to opioids are having trouble finding affordable cannabinoid compounds to treat their pain. In some cases, the patients are being forced to go back to prescription pain medication and the dangerous side effects, including addiction and death.

Prop 215 was about COMPASSION!!

Prop 64 is based in greed and the patients have been kicked to the curb.

We have dozens and dozens of patients who are living on disability and who have seen their medical cannabis expenses doubled since the beginning of the year!!

One thing is for sure…California is creating the biggest black market in history!

We MUST bring back a non profit collective model that will allow for at least up to ten patients to be cared for, once again, from the aspect of COMPASSION!!

And outside of this bureaucracy that already wreaks of corruption!

Cannabis is a sacred plant! Not a commodity to be traded on the stock market!

Regulation should have included price controls for patients instead of allowing the distributors, manufacturers and retailers to set the prices.

Bring back small collectives so patients who have relied on local caregivers can continue to have a source of safe and affordable cannabis!

Make a distinction between medical and recreational cannabis when it comes to pricing and taxes!

Our medicine should NOT be taxed!

Dr. Tod Mikuriya started the Society of Cannabis Clinicians. The State of California is long overdue in employing these most learned cannabis professionals in the decisions that are being made regarding medical cannabis and patients rights!

Thank you!

Bobby Eisenberg
Cool Consultations Inc.