September 27   Subject: What does that make you? Chopped Liver?

Hi Fred and Martin

See attached Owens-2015-Nature, if you haven’t already: “the ICRS meeting has been closed to all media since its inception…”



September 30  Subject: Blowing my horn

Hi Fred (and bcc’ed friends)

Your article in O’Shaughnessy’s,  “McPartland’s correct(ed) vernacular nomenclature,”  is getting traction.

Kalev at University of Vermont alerted me to a piece in Salon:

The Salon piece was cribbed from a piece in Nature.  Nature_Laursen

Nature cited me three times:  world’s premier biomedical journal!  Not shabby!

In contrast, High Times, the premier throwaway pot-smoker’s magazine, dismissed my work as “kooky.”  How cool is that?!

Thanks!  John 

Our Retro message (to the tune of Audrey Hepburn)

Chopped liver, finer than paté

and yet there is no way to win

We’re after the same gourmet cred

on a slice of bread

an underrated spread

chopped liver, that’s me.