From Bonni Goldstein, MD, June 20, 2014

I have a patient who is almost two years old who has a terrible brain tumor called an “Optic Pathway Glioma.”  She has been taking high dose cannabis oil (about 1 gram per day) made up of both THC and CBD for about eight months.  She is going through chemo at Kaiser in LA.  The parents were told that this type of tumor normally does not respond to chemo very well and that the child would be blind in her left eye. 

Her recent scan is incredible: the tumor has decreased in size very significantly. Her vision is not compromised!  There was also a cyst in the brain that has decreased in size over 50%.  The oncologist had advised the mother that chemo could not achieve this.


The scan I attached as a photo shows the September 2013 brain on left with huge white tumor and black circle (cyst) sitting behind the eyeball. The scan on the right is from December 2013 showing shrinkage of the tumor with necrotic areas (gray spots inside the white area).

The mother, Tracy Ryan, is an outspoken proponent of cannabis oil for pediatric cancer patients and she has started a Pediatric Facebook page for cancer kids and their parents.  The family will be featured in an upcoming Rikki Lake documentary “Weed the People.”

Dr. Hergenrather comments: 
Reminds me of my 2 year old patient who is now 4.  He has the residual large cyst but the tumor nearly completely disappeared within the first year of concentrated cannabis extract. My kiddo used no conventional therapies. (See page-one graphic in O’Shaughnessy’s Summer 2013.)

From Tracy Ryan (the patient’s mom), June 24, 2014: 

Sophie has been on THC+CBD cannabis oil at a gram a day for 8 months. The cyst has decreased in size by roughly 75-80% and the tumor is almost gone!  In the video below you will see the tumor from September 2013 on the left and June 2014 on the right, as explained by the neurologist. We had been told that the goal of chemo was to make the tumor stop growing, that it would never go away, that minimal shrinkage would be considered a great success… Her vision is now fine and all swelling has been relieved from her optic nerve. 

Just in —a more detailed account from Tracy Ryan.