1. Scientific American published a piece Nov. 7 —the day the Winter 2018/19 O’Shaughnessy’s rolled off the press— called  “How Marijuana Harms a Developing Baby’s Brain,”  The article by Dana Smith extrapolates from rodent studies. In a piece called The War on Mothers our new issue notes the neoprohibitionist push for unanimity in warning pregnant and lactating mothers not to use cannabis.
2. Another peer-reviewed journal devoted to cannabis research has been launched. The editor is a longtime NIDA hack named David Gorelick.
Why shouldn’t we welcome proliferation of journals in the “cannabis space?”  Because the more journals, the more opportunity to create ambiguity when the results are quite clear. In the new O’S we address the mystery of why the large. “gold-standard” randomized clinical trial by UCLA pulmonologist Donald Tashkin and colleagues —which showed no association between marijuana smoking and lung cancer— was not considered “conclusive” or “substantial” evidence in the National Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine Report.
And now back to mailing out the paper…