By Erika Dobson   August 2

I have been a fan of vaporizers for a number of years now. Ever since I used a friend’s heat gun to fill a balloon bag (emulating the popular Volcano), I have been singing the praises of vaporization as my preferred way to enjoy my aromatherapy blends.  Having used a number of portable and pen style devices since then, I can honestly say that nothing has come close to matching the quality of vapor that I received from that forced-air model.

 Nothing until the Vapir Rise Vaporizer, that is! This brand new forced-air vape from Vapir, the makers of the wildly popular NO2 vaporizer has totally revolutionized my aromatherapy practice. The Rise features a powerful fan, heating unit, and easy-to-use digital temperature display. The unit delivers quality results anywhere from 360° to 395° F and it’s really versatile too! The Rise can be enjoyed with a balloon bag or by using a hands-free whip attachment. I find that for some reason, the vapor drawn from inside the bag is a little bit harsher than the whip.

If you’re a vaporizer novice, you should definitely go with the whip attachment because it delivers much more immediate results than the bag and you can regulate how much you’re inhaling. Whereas with the bag, you can take a deep inhale and end up coughing because you’ve drawn in much more than you planned to. Seasoned fans of Volcano Vaporizers will love this balloon bag inflation because it delivers comparable rips at a tremendous value—it’s literally a third of the price of the Volcano! Another thing that’s a little strange is the heat and fan functionality. In order to have heat on, you have to run the fan. You can’t do one without the other. But these are really nitpicky critiques of the unit; all in all it’s an incredibly dependable and user-friendly device. 

 The coolest thing about the Vapir Rise Vaporizer is that you can attach a multi-user adapter which allows you to attach up to four whips, essentially creating a hookah session for you and your friends! You can order your Vapir Rise here for only $249.99.