The Southern Republicans clamor for voter reform is not muted by a review of computerized records —covering many billions of votes cast in the US in recent years— that turned up only 30 instances of identity fraud at the polls. You may wonder ‘Why do these young white politicians keep pursuing such assholerie?’

Answer: It keeps them on the offensive. They’ve got something to hide if people are allowed to focus on electoral reality. Many of these young righties owe their seats to gerrymandering —manipulation of district boundaries to create safe seats for Dems and Repugs. 

Maybe Bernie, the Independent, will push for an end to gerrymandering. Back when we took high school civics, gerrymandering was considered contemptible, a dirty trick. The whole scam-ridden set-up could be easily done away with. Just like the computerized home plate shows the precise strike zone, there can be a computerized grid in which the US mainland population is divided precisely into, say, 420 Congressional districts based on equal population. Extrapolate in Hawaii and Alaska and every US citizen can have an equal-impact vote and, consequently, a functional government.

Grids would have to be applied in every state, of course, and big cities that have district elections… People would still vote at the same locations… At last, a good use for computers!