Silly me (FG). I got this email and thought: “At last, somebody is asking the right question —who is responsible for the clusterf–k known in California as ‘Cannabis legalization?'”

I assumed the authors would  be exposing the legislators and the Cannabis Industry and Reform leaders who gave Law Enforcement and the League of Cities everything they wanted in the way of regs, while vacuuming up money from marijuana producers, distributors and consumers. None of our so-called representatives fought to exempt medical users from the 15% excise tax.  None asked, “What other medicine gets exorbitantly taxed?” The Industry and Reform leaders could have given medical users a tax break via the Adult Use of Medical Marijuana initiative. But they could smell the big money just around the bend, they didn’t want to risk slowing down the process.

The email came from an unknown source: “CDTFA – Cannabis Info.” There are many new entities springing up these days in the marijuana field. I opened the communique from CDTFA with hopes of finding political allies. Like, “It’s the boys from the mine and the girls from the mill!”  Only to find: