April 2  One year ago today squads of federal agents took down Oaksterdam University and some of its allies. Jose Gutierrez and Danielle Schumacher were arrested while protesting the raid along with several hundred other outraged citizens. The federal cops administered “street justice” to Gutierrez, whose singular offense was having a bullhorn (see photo  by Michael Short of the San Francisco Chronicle of Gutierrez being held down and kicked in the head by a jackbooted thug).

Gutierrez was arrested and taken away in a paddy wagon along with activist Danielle Schumacher and an unidentified middle-aged man in an Anonymous mask. When word came over the radio about a madman killing people at Oikos University (an Oakland trade school with a self-proclaimed “Christian’ orientation), the police stopped the van and released the Anonymous man —an undercover agent, evidently.  Read about the Oaksterdam bust and its aftermath in O’Shaughnessy’s current issue.

As for the two OUs —sane Oaksterdam and insane Oikos— making the news at the same instant… It makes you think maybe there is a God and that every now and then He reminds us of His ability to micromanage human affairs. The native Americans pegged Him as Coyote, the trickster, for good reason.