Neal Pollack writes in the NY Times Oct 7 that he has been “sober” since attending a Marijuana Anonymous meeting in West Hollywood 11 months ago. I thought 12-steppers weren’t supposed to announce themselves. Have the traditions changed?

Pollack’s essay, “I’m Just a Middle-Aged House Dad Addicted to Pot” was forwarded by Benson Hausman, MD.

The Times identifies Pollack  as “the editor of Book and Film Globe.” A subhed summarizes his political line: “Cannabis should be legal, just as alcohol should be legal. But marijuana addiction exists, and it almost wrecked my life.”

You’d think during his years as a stoner, Pollack would have learned that NIDA is a propaganda machine. But his Times essay cites NIDA statistics as if they were actual scientific facts.

“Around 9 percent of users become addicted, and about 17 percent of those who start as teenagers.”

Mr. Pollack’s line is liberal but his facts are prohibitionist.