Here’s a topical ballad (once a year, anyway).  More proof, if any is needed, that when the subject is hemp, almost no topic is more than one degree of separation away.

Lead licks by Camilo Landau.The graphics may be a little out of sync. When Garage Band came out, I made a few amateurish podcasts. 

[wpspoiler name=”Lyrics” style=”wpui-lyrics”]

You did a thing and you let it slip
to a friend name of Linda Tripp
And with a friend like that, who needs an enemy?
Happy Hannukah, Monica Lewinsky.
Potato pancakes, chicken soup
Far away from the wierdo snoop
in the warmth of the menorah’s golden glow
With the family out in nine oh two one oh oh oh 
Girl, who would’ve thought when you raised your dress
You’d be raising so much consciousness
Exposing the madmen’s War on Sin
Girl you really made their dreidels spin!
Entrapment schemes from Kenneth Starr
“Don’t count the votes” said Robert Barr
McCollum’s got a plan to poison all the sacred plants
Just as soon as they get through pulling down the president’s pants
When they needed light to defend the temple
The Maccabees found oil of hemp’ll
burn with a steady, mellow blaze
Eight desperate nights in the olden days.