To Project CBD:   Do CBD tinctures cause appetite suppression?  I’ve read this everywhere and don’t like this fact if it is true. I’m trying to use dixies CBD tincture to help treat my Crohn’s disease.  The only thing is that I’m very under weight and need to have a healthy appetite in order to put weight back on once the tincture has healed my bowels. Thank you.
retro message from Martin A. Lee:  There’s complex science that addresses your questions about appetite suppression. Basically, CBD helps balance the body’s deficiencies and excesses that underly many diseases conditions.
Although CBD is mildly alerting (and activates receptors that are also activated by caffeine, for example), patients report that when they consume a CBD-rich extract or tincture an hour or so before bed, it helps them sleep well.
There are likely similar dynamics at work for diet and hunger. Cannabis is an adaptogen; it modulates physiological systems  — up or down — in different directions.
Preclinical science and anecdotal patient reports indicates that CBD-rich cannabis helps patients with Crohn’s.
We have’t heard any problems from Crohn’s and colitis patients in terms of appetite suppression. Let us know how it works for you.
ps   Stephen Crohn, the great-nephew of the gastroenterologist who identified the disorder now known as “Crohn’s Disease,” also had an impact on medical science. Stephen Crohn, who died last week at the age of 66, had a rare genetic condition that prevented HIV from infecting his CD4 cells. Read the details in his New York Times obit.