From Al Coles:

Attached is the US patent for Medicinal Acidic Cannbinoids filled in 2006 and issued in 2010. It is important for two reasons:
1) It specifies the mechanism of action for the acids anti-inflammatory effects (COX-1, COX-2, TNF(a), Interleukin 10).
2) It specifies the dose in trails of 10 mg of the acid.
FYI, I have observed that every time a patient (this includes patients with severe epilepsy) add acids in the correct dosage, the medicinal effects of the neutrals (THC.CBD) are radically enhanced.
In my personal opinion the most effective medicinal effects occur when a patient takes advantage of the synergistic interactions between cannabinoids, that means not just combining the neutrals (THC/CBD etc) but add the acids also.
Al Coles developed the “Alta California” line of medical cannabis tinctures. According to Coles, a new Alta California product containing 10 mg/ml of THCA “is not psychoactive but the anti-inflammation and healing effects are tremendous.” He named it “Pain Relief.”