Correspondence: The Opioid Epidemic

From Hanya Barth, MD:   I see patients and prescribe suboxone and have many patients using both cannabis and suboxone.  I also worked in a methadone clinic and would be happy to share. Let’s not get too narrow minded about all possible healing modalities and medications.  Let’s not throw out the baby with the bath water.  Opiates have their place, as does suboxone.

ME responds:  Thanks very much for sharing. I’m not anti-opioid in the slightest —even wrote a song on the subject.  But I have a strong sense that the poppy plant and its derivatives are superior to what another reader calls the “entirely-legal array of oxycodone, hydrocodone, fentanyl, etc….  all basically just State-sanctioned heroin with an overdose-ready Tylenol molecule thrown in.”  Do you think the synthetic opioids have any advantages, from a humane physician’s POV?

From a military vet: I wanted to introduce myself and tell you about me and why I use cannabis as a Medicine. I’m a disabled veteran with PTSD, Epilepsy (Thanks Gulf war syndrome & anthrax anti viral poison!) and spinal damage I have a host of problems our miracle cure helps with that dozens (and I do mean dozens) of other meds didn’t even get close to helping with. I OD’d on morphine 6 X’s since I left the service in ’06 (entered in ’94) but I’ve been opiate free since Feb ‘2015, Thanks again cannabis! Anyway because of my limited funds I have to make my medication money go as far as possible which is why I hounded you about your referral program in the first place, sorry about that, I never intended you to think that I was trying to “take advantage of The system” in place. I wasn’t. I just saw an opportunity to supplement my medication (Don’t get me started on how the V.A. Shoved morphine down my throat for a decade but literally wouldn’t even discuss cannabis as a viable alternative.) Anyway, up until now I’ve had my wife drive me (epilepsy remember? I can’t drive.) 60 miles away (lol or 2 hours in our traffic!) to L.A. Once every six weeks to buy B.H.O. shatter because it’s 2 for $40 and it’s buy one get one free. Yeah, I know guys, I know…

ME: The above email, sent to a righteous cannabis oil maker, is typical of info provided by countless patients to SCC doctors, O’Shaughnessy’s, curanderas, budtenders, and others who might facilitate access to effective, non-addictive pain relief.  The medical establishment and government bureaucrats contemptuously dismiss the huge volume of evidence as merely “anecdotal.” What’s required are double-blinded, placebo-controlled, randomized clinical trials to ascertain the truth.

What do you want? Freedom! When do you want it? In five or 10 years, if we ask politely enough.

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